A la Carte

The cuisine at Fru Larsen is unsettled … in every possible good way. That goes for the a la carte menu as well – it is not big but does always have a characteristic and unique touch of honesty, simplicity and small, elegant taste experiences.

A la carte

Tirsdag – lørdag kl. 18-23
Køkkenet til kl. 21


Quail – mayo – cress

Cod fish – smoked roe

Greetings from Vigge’s garden

  • Menu

    Cod fish, cabbage, mustard seed & shellfish sauce

    DKK 169
  • Ox, onion, grilled carrots, herbed gravy & potato compote

    DKK 269
  • Selection of French & Danish cheeses with sweet & crisp

    DKK 149
  • "Egg in nest" with white & dark chocolate, gooseberries & lime syrup

    DKK 109
  • 3 courses

    DKK 469
  • Juices menu

    DKK 199
  • Wine Pairing

    DKK 299
  • After dinner


    DKK 49
  • 4 selected pieces from the ‘Sweetbox’

    DKK 49

The ‘Sweetbox’ right now:

Hedgehog slice with raspberries
Chocolate covered marshmallows on marzipan
Valrhona chocolate
Airy chocolate
Filled chocolate
Caramelised white chocolate

Please take contact, about advice related to allergens.

We search the magic of the woods, the beaches and the fields surrounding us, work closely together with our suppliers who know that quality tastes better – and we challenge ourselves and each other in an ever-changing, inspiring cuisine.

Here the ‘headlines’ are gentleness, honesty … and a certain amount of ‘chef’s nerdery’. All year round we include the current ingredients in our menus – and at the same time we preserve, dry and ‘keep’ in old-fashioned as well as modern ways to give our winter servings a touch of lost summers.

To complete the gastronomic experience our team of waiters and sommeliers are always ready with a perfect wine pairing – and our wine list offers at the same time a selection of elegant and classical, European wines. Selected wines are served by the glass for a perfect wine match to our courses. Please do not hesitate to ask for details about the wine pairing, our recommendation from the wine list – or just choose your personal favourite.

The a la carte menu always begins with the snacks of the season and is served Tuesday-Saturday from 18 – when the team is ready in the kitchen, the tables are set, the fire is crackling in the open fireplace and you are invited to join us for a relaxing evening at Fru Larsen.