Aperitif & snacks

3-course Gourmet menu

Coffee/tea & sweets

Beer/soft drinks/wine ad libitum during dinner

  • Confirmation Package

    DKK 749

Price per person. VAT included.

We still have a few available dates in 2020 and 2021.

Please call us at +45 86 46 83 88 for a non-committal dialogue about our options … and let us make sure that your date is in our calendar.

Every year we combine a ‘confirmation package’ – typical an afternoon-party from approx. 12 till 17 with an inspiring menu appealing to children, youngsters and grown-ups. It changes from year to year … but could be as follows:

  • Smoked salmon with salad sprouts, sour cream and crisp malt
  • Medium-rare beef loin with spring vegetables, potato compote & herb gravy
  • ‘Eggs in a nest’  – white and dark chocolate mousse, merengue, lime syrup & tarragon