Cooking Class

There are many ways to run a cooking class … however, in Fru Larsen’s kitchen, you will get your hands on all the ingredient of the season and work with all details ‘from earth, sea and forest to table’ when we open the doors to a customized cooking class in our kitchen.

When joining us for a cooking class, you will experience 100% flexibility – which means that we cannot share a fixed price before having been in constructive and creative dialogue about the contents of the class and how our ‘chefs’ nerdery’ and commitment can strengthen an event, a team building, a strategy meeting or maybe a birthday, a jubilee and make it all special.

Spend a day out of your comfort zone with a chefs’ knife in your hand and an apron around your neck and grapple with a professional chefs’ challenge. Perhaps mixed with a professional content before the cooking class, in planned-in breaks or the day after the cooking class.

Fru Larsen Laurbjerg

If you have the courage, we are ready with challenges at all levels:

  • Spend the morning in the kitchen, go visit Cold Hand Winery in the afternoon – and finish and enjoy our dinner in the evening …
  • Meet us for a hike in the fields, select the vegetables of the season – and return to the kitchen for an introduction of a menu, preparations and new techniques by our chefs
  • Start with a professional meeting … and continue the day with a cooking class to finish it with a good glass of wine and dinner in our restaurant …
  • Invite your partners to join you at the table when you serve your courses … and be praised for the results …
  • Prepare 3, 4 or 5 courses – and let us spoil you with snacks & bubbles …
  • Add a wine tasting to the cooking class …

Sometimes we have to do new things to evolve – and when you join us for a cooking class we meet you with a kitchen team that matches your ambitions and the number of participants. The aprons and the ingredients of the season are ready together with recipes, tips & tricks and we make sure that you finish your day by enjoying the result of your efforts in our restaurant.

Everything else is to TBD. Thus, to make sure that the outcome of the day or the days with us is as optimal as possible. We can hold from 15 to 32 participants and our kitchen is open for cooking classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays according to agreement – always with the option of staying overnight.

When you have a company arrangement, a seminar, a board or management meeting in your calendar, please feel free to contact us for details, prices or dialogue about a set-up that matches your schedule, the number of participants and your level of ambition.

Call us at +45 86 46 83 88, ask for Birgitte or Tommy and share your ideas and wishes with us to create a funny and different event.

kokkeskole fru larsen