Gourmet Menu

Choosing the Gourmet Menu at Fru Larsen is the choice of surprises: Of the simple taste of good ingredients, of new combinations of ingredients and taste distinctions, and ‘chef’s nerdery’– never losing the references to the classic, the Nordic cuisine, the recognisability and our passion about the ingredients.


Quail – mayo – cress

Crispy cod – smoked roe

Greetings from Vigge’s garden


Smoked lumpfish, roe & liver

Cod, clam, sea urchin & sabayon

Sweetbread, snails, parsley & dilute garlic

Dove, truffle, cabbage & pistachio

“Coffee cup & cake box”

Gourmet Menu

Tuesday-Saturday 18-23
Kitchen till 21
  • Gourmet Menu

    DKK 659
  • Juice pairing

    DKK 329
  • Wine Pairing

    DKK 569

If you wish an alternative to the wine menu, our wine list includes a selection of elegant and classical, European wines. Selected wines are served by the glass for a perfect wine match to our courses.

Please do not hesitate to ask for details about the wine pairing, our recommendation from the wine list – or just choose your personal favourite.

  • Additional CHOICES before dessert

    Selection of cheeses from the board with crisp rye

    DKK 149
  • And at last ...


    DKK 49
  • 4 selected pieces from the ‘Sweetbox’

    DKK 49

The ‘Sweetbox’ right now:

Hedgehog slice with raspberries
Chocolate covered marshmallows on marzipan
Valrhona chocolate
Blackcurrant fudge
Airy chocolate
Filled chocolate
Caramelised white chocolate

All prices per person, VAT included.

Please take contact, about advice related to allergens.

When our chefs, waiters and sommeliers meet in the kitchen, we have a common agenda of giving our guest a gastronomic experience out of the ordinary. We pick berries and herbs in the woods and at the beach. We join Vigge – our farmer – for the crisp sprouts and the fresh crops from his organically cultivated fields. We are in close dialogue with our ‘nerdy’ meat producers – and we know our supplier of fish and feel confident in the quality he presents. When all ingredients are available, we spend hours, days or weeks in the kitchen, exploring taste, techniques, combinations and not lease plating, searching for the perfect Gourmet Menu. Sometimes, we change the full menu. Sometimes we replace a single course that is no longer in season with a new gastronomic experience. As best as we can, we try to update the Gourmet Menu and the wine pairing online. It happens, however, that one of our suppliers do not have the ingredients available any longer resulting in a quick change reaching the restaurant before going online.

Fru Larsen Laurbjerg7
Fru Larsen Laurbjerg8

When our chef’s team is happy and feel confident, we pass on the challenge to our waiters and sommeliers to match the taste nuances of the courses with the perfect wine. Sometimes a traditional choice, sometimes an alternative and ‘challenging’ one to present an exciting wine paring with surprises. Without compromising on the classical taste of a really fine glass of wine.

As an alternative to the wine pairing, our wine list offers a selective choice of elegant and classical, European wines. Some of these are also served by the glass for a fine and elegant wine match to individual courses. Do not hesitate to ask for our recommendations – or just choose your personal favourite …

At Fru Larsen, the gastronomic experience starts with snacks to awaken your taste buds and curiosity. Then we guide you through the many facets of the menu … and at last we round off your evening with our ‘hyggelige’ ‘Sweetbox’.